The night started out like any other #dettydecember night.

My girls and I heading to Vellvett in two separate cars. Didi was driving and she had Kome, Lola and Nene in her car. I was riding solo.

We made it past the hefty bouncers at the gate with no issues, thanks to Didi who is on a first name basis with every bouncer at every club on the island.

The restaurant turned club was already packed when we arrived but once again Didi bumped into some friends who invited us to join their table. The night was off to a good start. The Dj was doing the damn thing and the alcohol was flowing so a girl was feeling good.

After a few drinks i found myself dancing on the chair when a very fine looking guy appeared in front of me. He simply walked up to me and reached out his hand for me to take it and something about his confident almost arrogant smile made me reach out my hand to him. He took my hand and joined me to stand on the chair. He introduced himself as Zaddy and proceeded to flirt with me for the rest of the night.

He smelled like wealth and good decisions and when he leaned in to ask me what my plans were for the rest of the night/morning I already knew he would be the plan. He unlocked my phone using my finger and saved his phone number as Zaddy.

My girls were around but i was obviously distracted so I didn’t notice when a random guy started trying to talk to Kome. She politely turned him down but he kept hovering around our table for the rest of the night.

After a few hours we decided to change venues and started to make our way outside. We got outside the club and noticed the random guy who had been lurking around our table had followed us. Zaddy tried to tell him to leave us alone as the girl was clearly not interested in him. He turned around and called him Captain-save-a-ho and then started being verbally abusive towards us.

It was clear that things were starting to get heated and Zaddy asked all of us to get into his car which we promptly did. Like a scene from a badly scripted movie, random guy gets into his car and starts chasing us. It is now almost 5am and we are in a high speed chase around Victoria Island which only ended when Zaddy drove into the police station on Ahmadu Bello Way.

Later that morning, during some post coital chit chat, Zaddy expressed surprise at the actions of random guy. He found it hard to believe that a man would go to such lengths after being turned down.

I told him welcome to the woman experience.