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Once upon a time, I used to be a real grinch. Growing up, “stop frowning” was a constant refrain from people around me. In recent years, through deliberate practice, I have become a somewhat more friendly person. As a result, I have become more generally more sociable and I now…

It’s funny sometimes, the things we remember and the things we do not.

4th July 2015.

I remember my friend Tope contacted me to say it was Peter’s birthday and asked me to come with for his birthday dinner. …

The first time I tried to leave medicine had to be in 2006. I say had to be because I can’t remember the exact date or month, however it was right after I had failed the almighty “2nd MB” (no idea what this means to this day). …

I didn’t get to be a child for too long.

I was born a few months after my parents got married. And two years after, my sister was born.

For what felt like a long time, it was just the two of us girls, while my mother endured comments like…

a person who writes or is able to write.

a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.

I have written for my personal blog for over ten years. Written weekly posts for an online e-zine for over 4 years, but for some reason I’m not very. confident in calling myself a writer.

That has changed now.

I have written everyday for 28 days straight, therefore, I am a writer.

Sister sister

I’m getting ready to leave my sisters when I walk into her room and find her busy working at her desk. She asks for a few minutes to finish up something and then we make our way to the station together.

It’s chilly upside and I’m thankful for…

Living in a foreign country comes with its own unique set of issues.

Small things and not so small things.

Like having to spell or write your name when you get asked, instead of just saying it.

Or rooting around in your bag for spare change because your total at…

That’s all I have done today.

Wallow in sadness mostly.

Despair sounds too dramatic.

I’m lying on my bed, in the dark and haven’t moved much all day.

Well at least not since around noon when I got the call I had been expecting and it wasn’t good news. I…


I like to think I have a very good memory.

Random factoids jump into my consciousness that I didn’t even know I had stored.

However from learning more about the human mind and how memory works, I now know that memory is completely unreliable. Completely. And easily influenced.


From the time we are born, most of us are socialised into a romantic fantasy.

Boy meets girl, they look into each others eyes and feel a spark. Love at first sight they call it.

Butterflies start to appear everywhere. Things are going great until they encounter a hurdle such…

Cee Dee

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